Welcome to the “Hajj Magazine of Islam Hashtag ” . In It you will fine articles related to Hajj and Umrah that may be Very beneficial in your next Visit to Mecca and Madina . Here you can read about the Secrets of pilgrimage destination of Muslim-“Mecca and Madina”. Before you dive into the Ocean of information and interesting stories and Quizzes on Hajj , Let Us quickly read What HAJJ is and Why is it Important . The hajj to Mecca is the fifth Pillar of Islam .It is a once-in-a-lifetime obligation upon male and female adults whose health and means permit it, or, in the words of the Quran, upon “those who can make their way there.” The Quran speaks of the divine command to perform the hajj and prophesies the permanence of this institution: “And when We assigned for Abraham the place of the House, saying ‘Do not associate Anything with Me, and purify My House for those who go around it and for those who stand and bow and prostrate themselves in worship. And proclaim the Pilgrimage among humankind: They will come to you on foot and on every camel made lean By traveling deep, distant ravines.’” (Quran 22:26-27)